Pro Bono

At Brownstein, pro bono work isn't an obligation we endure, it's an opportunity we relish. It gives us the chance to give back to the communities that we love. It allows us to uphold our core professional values. And it provides enriching personal and professional experiences for our attorneys and staff.

We want our attorneys to feel the satisfaction that comes from serving the greater good, and we want our communities to benefit from our superior legal expertise and skill. That's why we strongly encourage all Shareholders and Associates to meet the American Bar Association's goal of 50 pro bono hours per year, and we allow attorneys to count up to 100 pro bono hours toward their billable requirements each fiscal year. Our pro bono policy is one of the most generous offered by big firms.

Through our pro bono work, Brownstein attorneys have touched the lives of a myriad of individuals who could not otherwise have afforded superior quality legal representation. We've advocated for abused and neglected children who are stuck in the morass of the foster care system, and we've helped adults who are transitioning from jail or prison to society. We've represented underprivileged women who are working to overcome discrimination and poverty, and we've provided free legal information to the public through phone hotlines.

The following are just some of the groups that we have had the privilege to work with through our pro bono program:

In addition, our attorneys work with the Colorado Lawyers Committee, a consortium of 55 Colorado law firms that do high-impact pro bono work for children, the poor and other disadvantaged groups, including the Election Task Force, Valdez Elementary School, the Hate Violence Task Force and Project Homeless Connect.

Recognition and Awards

Passionate commitment. That's how we at Brownstein feel about our pro bono services. We know we are in a unique position to help underserved people and organizations, and we value each opportunity to do so.

Members of our Pro Bono Committee include:

Nicole Ament
Gregory Berger
Eric Burris
Diane De Felice
Hubert Farbes
Ashley Krause
Marian Lee
Kate Lowenhar-Fisher
Amy Steinfeld
Lauren Schmidt
Michael Tamm