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07.18.11Effective Due Diligence   >>
Related People:  Michael W. King
06.24.11Drafting Workshop   >>
Related People:  Michael W. King
06.23.11Building Trust With Clients   >>
Related People:  Edward N. Barad, Hubert A. Farbes, Jr.
06.20.11The Water/Energy Nexus in California   >>
06.14.11The 7th Symposium in the Water Resources Series Groundwater - Surface Water Interaction: California's Legal and Scientific Disconnect   >>
Related People:  Bradley J. Herrema, Russell M. McGlothlin
05.24.112011 Colorado Employment Law Conference   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
05.19.11ERISA Basics   >>
Related People:  Nancy A. Strelau
05.19.11Water Resources, Issues and Administration of the South Platte River Basin - Part 2   >>
Related People:  Steven O. Sims
05.16.11TRIPS and Competition Policy: Intellectual Property Licensing & Enforcement   >>
Related People:  Makan Delrahim
Related Practice:  Antitrust, Intellectual Property & Technology
05.05.11Opinion Letters   >>
Related People:  Edward N. Barad, Jeffrey M. Knetsch, Ellen Schulhofer
05.03.11Trial Skills Part  4 - Closing Arguments   >>
Related People:  Kirk B. Lenhard
05.02.11Priming the California Water Pump #1   >>
Related People:  Russell M. McGlothlin, Scott S. Slater
04.28.11Investing in our Water Future: A Focus on California   >>
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
04.21.11Fundamental Considerations in Choice of Entity   >>
Related People:  Thomas B. Romer, Margaux Trammell
04.13.11Bank & Buyers Note Sale Seminar   >>
Related People:  Ana Lazo Tenzer
04.13.11Trial Skills Part 3- Direct Examination   >>
Related People:  John V. McDermott
04.07.11Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for Polished and Persuasive Documents   >>
03.24.11Establishing Successful Client Relationships   >>
03.22.11Trial Skills Part  2 - Cross Exam and Impeachment by Larry Treece   >>
Related People:  Lawrence W. Treece
02.22.11The Philosophy and Psychology of Jury Trials   >>
Related People:  Lawrence W. Treece, Barry Langberg
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