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02.07.12The Fiduciary Duties of Directors of the Target Company in a Hostile Takeover Situation   >>
Related People:  John V. McDermott
01.25.12Social Media and Discovery   >>
01.11.12Dispositive Motions   >>
Related People:  Richard B. Benenson
12.20.11Litigation Holds and Other Electronic Discovery Issues   >>
Related People:  Lawrence W. Treece
12.02.11Advisers Act Registration   >>
12.01.11CLE International's 18th Annual Western Water Law Conference   >>
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
11.29.11The Drafter's Nightmare: What Trial Lawyers do to Their Contracts   >>
Related People:  Mitchell J. Langberg, Barry Langberg
11.17.11AB 506: A new path to municipal restructuring   >>
11.03.11Can't We All Just Get Along   >>
10.28.11Water Planning for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Development: Creating a Defensible Water Supply   >>
Related People:  Lisabeth D. Rothman
10.25.11Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Centennial Celebration   >>
Related People:  R. James Nicholson
10.21.11Arizona Indian Water Law 101 CLE Conference   >>
Related People:  Ryan A. Smith
10.20.11Public Finance Options for Development and Redevelopment in Colorado   >>
Related People:  Carolynne C. White
10.20.11What All Business Lawyers Should Know About Employment Law   >>
10.19.11Congressional Super Committee to Address the Budget Crisis   >>
Related People:  Makan Delrahim
10.14.11A View from Washington - The Current State of Natural Resources Law   >>
Related People:  Mark J. Mathews, David Longly Bernhardt
Related Practice:  Natural Resources, Government Relations
10.14.11California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Workshop   >>
Related People:  Beth Collins-Burgard
10.14.11Promoting Delegation and Feedback   >>
09.22.11Time Management   >>
09.15.11Practical Things Every Business Lawyer Should Know About UCC Article 9   >>
Related People:  Kristin Macdonald, Mark M. Oveson
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