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10.21.13Urban Renewal Once Again on Legislative Agenda   >>
Related People:  Jason R. Dunn, Carolynne C. White, Michael F. Feeley, Melissa L. Kuipers
Related Practice:  Government Relations, Real Estate, State & Local Legislation & Policy
10.18.13Urban Renewal: A Critical Tool
Related People:  Carolynne C. White
10.15.13Strategies: When WARN Becomes Applicable is Crucial to Employers   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
Related Practice:  Employment
10.12.13California Environmental Quality Act: Backgrounds, Updates and Cautionary Tales   >>
Related People:  Beth Collins-Burgard
10.08.13Critical Issues Facing California’s Water Supply   >>
Related People:  Amy M. Steinfeld
Related Practice:  Water, Public Lands
10.07.13California’s “Homeowner Bill of Rights”—Be Aware of Your Obligations   >>
Related People:  Jonathan C. Sandler
10.07.13Recent Decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit May Have Significant Implications for Private Equity Funds   >>
Related People:  Gregory W. Berger, Andrew C. Elliott, Neil M. Goff, Nancy A. Strelau, David M. Spaulding
Related Practice:  Private Equity
10.02.13Congress Should Reform College Accreditation to Save Students, Taxpayers   >>
Related People:  Hank Brown
10.02.13Email Users Beware: Companies and Corporate Officers Should Evaluate Email Practices in Light of Delaware Chancery Court Decision   >>
Related People:  John V. McDermott, Lawrence W. Treece, Carrie E. Johnson, Gino A. Maurelli
Related Practice:  Corporate & Business, Business & Corporate Advisory
10.01.13Nexus: Personal Jurisdiction, Copyrighted Images; Patents: ‘Partially Detachable,’ Indefinite Term
Related People:  Ajay Singh
09.30.13Protecting Students and Taxpayers: The Federal government's Failed Regulatory Approach and Steps for Reform   >>
Related People:  Hank Brown
09.25.13Online Relationship: Documenting Your Online Vendors
Related People:  Jennifer Carleton
09.25.13Where Have All the Lawyers Gone?
Related People:  Amy M. Steinfeld
09.23.13International Association of Gaming Advisors track at Global Gaming Expo (G2E)
Related People:  Jennifer Carleton
09.20.13Online Gaming Master Class
Related People:  Jennifer Carleton
09.20.13Proposed Carbon Rules for New Power Plants: What They Are and What They Mean   >>
Related People:  Jacob A. Johnson, Christopher C. Stephens, David Longly Bernhardt, Elizabeth M. Gore, Ryan A. Smith, Jon Hrobsky, Luke D. Johnson, Lawrence J. Jensen
Related Practice:  Energy, Environment & Resource Strategies
09.18.13Accounting 101 for Attorneys   >>
Related People:  Adam E. Lyons
09.18.13Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Could Reduce the Costs and Burdens of Discovery   >>
Related People:  Alexander R. Dahl
Related Practice:  Government Relations
09.13.13Time to Get Tough on Prison Spending, Too   >>
Related People:  Hal Stratton
09.12.13Water in the West: Groundwater and Land Use Planning
Related People:  Stephanie Osler Hastings
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