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05.08.14Two Health Care Organizations Pay Largest HIPAA Fine at $4.8 Million Resulting from Unsecured Shared Network   >>
Related People:  Darryl T.  Landahl, Julie A. Sullivan
05.01.14Book Review – Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective Writing and Editing
Related People:  Sarah M. Clark
05.01.14Point/Counterpoint: Striking a Judge From a Case – Striking Out: The Rule Would be Injurious   >>
Related People:  Hannah L. Misner
04.29.14Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Opens Door to the California Water Market   >>
Related People:  Chris Frahm, Bradley J. Herrema, Lisabeth D. Rothman, Scott S. Slater, Amy M. Steinfeld
04.28.14Halifax Pays $85 Million to Resolve Improper Physician Compensation Arrangement Claims Brought by Employee-Whistleblower   >>
Related People:  Michael W. King, Darryl T.  Landahl, Julie A. Sullivan
04.28.14Sweet Victory in Tribe's Foray Into Solar Generation   >>
Related People:  Jennifer Carleton, Joshua J. Hicks
04.23.14The Crackdown on Internet Sweepstakes Cafes
Related People:  Kate C. Lowenhar-Fisher
04.22.14Brownstein Trial Victory Emphasizes Limits on Indemnifying Party's Right to Control Litigation in M&A Indemnification Context   >>
Related People:  Steven A. Amerikaner, Karl L. Schock, John V. McDermott
04.17.14Urban Renewal Bill Introduced   >>
Related People:  Carolynne C. White
04.16.14Groundwater and the Interconnected Climate-Water-Social System
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
04.11.14Bipartisan Group of Senators Introduce Measure to Reauthorize and Extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program   >>
Related People:  Judy A. Black, Robert B. Flock
04.11.14Wilderness and Climate Change
Related People:  Elisabeth L. Esposito
04.10.14Department of Health and Human Services to Release Medicare System Data   >>
Related People:  Cate McCanless
04.08.14Groundwater as the Great Integrator. Groundwater Management in California – A dialogue with the LAO Panel
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
04.02.14Cadiz Project Update
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
04.02.14U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates "Aggregate" Contribution Limits   >>
Related People:  Jason R. Dunn, William E. Moschella, Kory A. Langhofer, Thomas J. Basile
04.01.14In Matters of Sovereignty, Clarity is King   >>
Related People:  Jennifer Carleton, Albert Z. Kovacs
04.01.14NM Court Challenges Bank Foreclosure Practice   >>
Related People:  Adam E. Lyons
03.27.14Compliance with Land Use Regulations   >>
Related People:  Susan F. Petrovich
03.20.14Case Law Update   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
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