Government, Regulation & Public Policy

A single political decision at any level of government—from the smallest municipality to the U.S. Congress—can impact an entire industry. And that is why for decades, clients have turned to the bipartisan government relations team at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck to navigate the maze of politics and policy in Washington and at state and local levels. Whether policy issues reside at international, federal, state or local levels, clients know we meet their challenges with the creativity, know-how and tenacity needed to succeed.

Meet The Team

Norman Brownstein Shareholder T 303.223.1101
Chris Frahm Shareholder T 619.702.6917
Michael F. Feeley Shareholder T 303.223.1237
Gregory W. Berger Shareholder T 303.223.1158
Hank Brown Senior Counsel T 303.223.1177
Melissa Kuipers Blake Shareholder T 303.223.1164
Alexander R. Dahl Shareholder T 202.747.0508
Beth Collins-Burgard Shareholder T 805.882.1419
Jason R. Dunn Shareholder T 303.223.1100
Milan V. Dalal Of Counsel T 202.383.4709
Rosanna L. Carvacho Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel T 916.594.9714
Sarah M. Clark Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel T 303.223.1139
Steven W. Farber Shareholder T 303.223.1109
Kenneth Khachigian Senior Partner T 949.498.3879
Alfred E. Mottur Shareholder T 202.872.5284
Alisa Nave-Worth Shareholder T 702.464.7061
R. James Nicholson Senior Counsel T 202.652.2344
William E. Moschella Shareholder T 202.652.2346
Hal Stratton Shareholder T 505.724.9596
Ryan A. Smith Shareholder T 202.747.0507
Steven O. Sims Shareholder T 303.223.1149
Ryan Waterman Shareholder T 619.702.7569
Barry Jackson Strategic Advisor T 202.652.2342
Brian T. McGuire Policy Director T 202.383.4704
Brian M. McKeon Senior Policy Advisor T 202.872.5283
Cate McCanless Policy Director T 202.747.0505
Carmencita N. M. Whonder Policy Director T 202.652.2343
Darien B. Flowers Policy Advisor T 202.747.0500
Douglas M. Maguire Senior Policy Advisor T 202.872.5289
Don Perata Policy Director T 916.594.9717
Elizabeth M. Gore Policy Director T 202.872.5296
Elizabeth A. Maier Policy Director T 202.872.5299
Greta H. Joynes Policy Advisor T 202.383.4701
Judy A. Black Policy Director T 202.872.5285
Jon Hrobsky Policy Director T 202.872.5294
John Sonsalla Policy Advisor T 202.652.2357
Luke D. Johnson Policy Director T 202.747.0513
Laura Johnson Policy Advisor T 202.652.2349
Michael B. Levy Policy Director T 202.872.5281
Teresa A. Cooke Policy Advisor T 916.594.9715
Zachary S. Pfister Senior Policy Advisor T 202.652.2345