National Water Policy Event

National Water Policy Event

Jul 28, 2009


Scott Slater, a Brownstein Shareholder whose legal practice emphasizes negotiation and strategic planning for clients seeking to secure new water supplies and assisting to meet objectives for reliability and sustainability, will serve as a panelist for this event.

Expert panelists include U.S. government officials from the executive and legislative branches, public and private-sector water industry professionals, representatives from the Native American community and other interested parties and entities involved in water planning who will discuss the urgency of the implementation of a Comprehensive Integrated Water Policy (CIWP) and unifying the country’s fragmented water conservation and regulatory framework. The event will provide crucial information to Congress and the Obama Administration about how to preserve our nation’s water resources and tackle the issues related to our raw water supply challenges as policy experts prepare to create new legislation.

This event is being hosted by The Chronicles Group and is being used to create dialogue about the critical need for a comprehensive water policy.

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