C5 US Online Gaming Law Forum

C5 US Online Gaming Law Forum

Sep 19, 2012


With the Department of Justice opinion on December 23, 2011 attempting to clarify the legality of US Online Gaming; operators, manufacturers, and technology providers are preparing to put interactive operations in place. Shareholders Frank Schreck, Jennifer Carleton and Elizabeth Paulsen will be featured during the C5 US Online Gaming Law Forum in Las Vegas, Sept. 19-20, and provide insider perspectives regarding how online gaming is developing in Nevada and how U.S. casinos and foreign operators are navigating joint venture agreements. For more information on the C5 US Online Gaming Law Forum, click here.

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Elizabeth D. Paulsen Shareholder T 303.223.1187 epaulsen@bhfs.com
Frank A. Schreck Shareholder T 702.382.2101 fschreck@bhfs.com