Trademarking pot in Nevada

Trademarking pot in Nevada

Oct 30, 2017


Co-author, Northern Nevada Law Journal, October 30, 2017

Until Nevada recently legalized recreational marijuana, the different types of marijuana strains and products may have seemed inconsequential to many Nevadans—an illegal, niche market, to say the least. Not so today, as legal marijuana and related products fly off the shelves in Nevada and in other states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. Want pot from Snoop Dog? “Leafs by Snoop.” Whoopi Goldberg? “Whoopi & Maya.” Damian Marley? “Stony Hill.” The influx of celebrities adding their brands and names to the marijuana business should put everyone on notice that the recreational and medicinal marijuana marketplace is already big business that is only poised to grow.

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