3 Counties, 3 Approaches to Cannabis Crops

3 Counties, 3 Approaches to Cannabis Crops

Apr 20, 2018


Author, Pacific Coast Business Times, April 20, 2018

Legalization of recreational cannabis has shaken up the supply chain.

Californians may now grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use without a license. Those lacking a green thumb can purchase recreational cannabis at a local dispensary or ring a delivery service.

Economists predict recreational cannabis will add $5 billion to $7 billion to California’s economy annually.
But where will all this legal weed be grown?

In response to the state law (Proposition 64), which gives cities and counties free range to regulate or outlaw commercial cannabis, most counties have banned cultivation. Over the past year, lively debates have unfolded as local governments grapple with the complexities of regulating cannabis.

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