Changes Are Coming For Providers Of 800 Numbers

Changes Are Coming For Providers Of 800 Numbers

May 30, 2018


Author, Law360, May 30, 2018

The Federal Communications Commission is slated to consider potential new rules concerning the use of 800 numbers at its upcoming June 7, 2018, open meeting. One item involves the increasing ability of consumers to send and receive texts using 800 numbers. The FCC intends to clarify that its current rules require text messaging providers to obtain authorization from the entity that subscribes to the 800 number before text enabling that 800 number. The FCC will also seek comments on ways to track which 800 numbers have been text-enabled, including having businesses that buy 800 number service report when they authorize their 800 numbers to become text-enabled. The second major item will propose to phase out fees that local telephone companies charge long distance companies for originating 800-number calls. Although these rules will most directly affect network providers, they may also result in reduced costs for companies that provide 800-number calling to their customers.

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