Health Tech Podcast - Episode 2

Health Tech Podcast - Episode 2

Aug 10, 2016


Brownstein Podcast Series, August 10, 2016

Ian O’Neill, a shareholder in the firm’s intellectual property department focusing on technology transactions, licensing, advanced media and privacy issues, and Emily Weber, a shareholder in the firm’s health care group focusing on academic medicine and clinical research, data security compliance and governance for personalized medical programs, recorded the second episode of their health tech podcast series. This episode discusses the implications of the Federal Trade Commission’s recently published best practices for health app development. While many of these recommendations will be familiar to anyone with app development experience, health companies need to also consider how data security principles interact with HIPPA and personal health information (PHI).


Meet The Team

Ian V. O'Neill Shareholder T 303.223.1210
Emily K. Weber Shareholder T 303.223.1188