What’s Next: Reopening Liability Risks

What’s Next: Reopening Liability Risks

May 22, 2020


Brownstein Podcast Series, May 22, 2020

This episode of Brownstein’s What’s Next podcast series—devoted to the legal, political and business issues companies will face in the weeks and months to come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—focuses on the liability risks of making inaccurate statements related to the current crisis. Brownstein Shareholders Mitch Langberg, Greg Brower and Alissa Gardenswartz discuss how representations businesses make to obtain benefits from the trillions of dollars of aid approved by Congress and statements made to the public surrounding businesses reopening can lead to government investigations and civil litigation.


Meet The Team

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Alissa H. Gardenswartz Shareholder T 303.223.1207 agardenswartz@bhfs.com
Mitchell J. Langberg Shareholder T 702.464.7098 mlangberg@bhfs.com