Crisis Management

When a crisis hits—or has just started to brew—our Crisis Management Group leadership "triages" the matter to quickly identify the communications strategies and substantive expertise necessary to help our clients navigate the whirlwind of issues that will develop. Our triage team consists of veterans from the communications battlefield that have experience as a chief-of-staff in the House of Representatives, a presidential speechwriter, a nationally recognized authority in libel and slander, a two decade PR agency strategist and a head of legislative affairs at the FBI.

Now is the time to plan. Where a 24-hour news cycle can escalate even a small-scale issue to a crippling crisis, your reputation is your business and you need a plan before a crisis erupts. The key to success in any crisis situation is a strategic and rapid response that reaches and resonates with key stakeholders and the public.

When faced with a situation that threatens a company, an institution or an individual, clients look to us as their front-line crisis management team handling all aspects of the event from legal and regulatory to financial and communications matters, including: privacy breaches, cyber-attacks, regulatory inquiries, litigation, labor and employment issues, criminal investigations, bankruptcies and restructurings, defamation matters or community controversies.

Beyond our triage team, our integrated Crisis Management Group is comprised of experienced legal, policy and communications professionals with deep experience navigating the most challenging of crisis situations. For each matter, our triage team gathers the right professional to parlay decades of unique communications skillsets and guide clients through media training, developing allegations grids for message consistency, working with media on developing stories, correcting narratives and positioning our clients with critical opinion leaders. 

We partner with clients to create strategic plans that not only protect reputations but allow the individual or organization to continue to thrive.

Representative Matters
  • Regularly advises CEO, communications and counsel’s staff of healthcare enterprise regarding strategies for challenging public, regulatory and legal issues.

  • Provide strategic political communications advice to a top hospitality company on a variety of issues that resonate with Congress. These issues range from the efforts to stop human trafficking to sustainability.

  • Represented a major healthcare company facing intense scrutiny from a senior senator and subcommittee chair sitting on committees of jurisdiction in the House and Senate. This action threatened the reputation of the company and posed the real possibility of future congressional hearings. Brownstein deployed a strategic and targeted education campaign to mitigate the crisis and helped draft messaging for engaging members of Congress.

  • Media training for defendant in high profile trial where felony charges were expected to garner national attention.

  • Assisted financial institution in media commuicaitons and obtaining on-air retraction of incorrect reporting that executive was charged with criminal conduct.

  • Assistend multi-billion dollar international healthcare company in media communicaitons and obtaining correction of inaccurate reporting on national news broadcast suggesting imminent criminal charges will be filed against executives.

  • Provided real estate investment company strategy on messaging approach and timing for exectuive leadership transition.

  • Assistend multi-billion dollar international healthcare company in media communicaitons regarding false headline in national publication, resulting in critical corrections.

  • In the aftermath of a pipeline explosion, provided crisis communications counseling to enable the company to properly and sensitively inform its community while preventing the tragedy from crippling the utility’s public responsibility to carry out its other essential functions and corporate operations.

  • Provided critical guidance and messaging to public utility company CEO for sensitive remarks delivered at a public memorial following a tragic shooting that killed two employees. 

Meet The Team

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Mitchell J. Langberg Shareholder T 702.464.7098
Kenneth Khachigian Senior Partner T 949.498.3879
Nadeam A. Elshami Policy Director T 202.383.4426
Gregory A. Brower Shareholder T 702.382.2101
Marc S. Lampkin Shareholder T 202.652.2341
William E. Moschella Shareholder T 202.652.2346
Drew C. Littman Policy Director T 202.383.4702