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Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck is your guide to the complex, ever changing legal environment that surrounds energy and natural resources. Today, businesses in almost every industry face complex legal challenges from increasing regulatory oversight, growing public scrutiny and new environmental laws. With nationally respected practitioners in water, energy, hazardous waste, land use and renewable energy, we deliver the legal services required to balance prosperity and environmental responsibility.

Our attorneys practice in virtually every area of natural resource law and bring superlative legal skills, extensive experience in Washington, D.C., and valuable relationships developed from years of practice to navigate the most complex natural resource matters. We routinely represent resource users, public agencies and utilities, manufacturers, mining and extraction companies, large landowners and developers in all aspects of their business. We also counsel associations, nonprofits and others organizations in the energy, natural resources and environmental space. Regardless of industry, we take a multi-disciplinary approach that brings together legal, lobbying and strategic services.

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Chambers USA, 2018

Colorado: Natural Resources & Environment

What the team is known for: Established group that offers expertise in a broad spectrum of transactional, regulatory and litigation matters. Well versed in water issues and highly regarded for advising oil and gas industry clients on matters including mining, air and hazardous waste compliance. Extensive experience in permitting matters.

Strengths: Sources say: "The very good water resources practice."

California: Environment

What the team is known for: Dedicated water law practice group. Equipped to handle the full spectrum of matters, including water rights, quality and distribution for a range of clients, from government agencies to suppliers. Also offers deep legislative and lobbying expertise.

Strengths: Sources say: "They are superb. I like their thoroughness, their expansive knowledge on the subject matter and the fact they have a good depth of resources."

    Representative Matters
    • Represented COGA and its member companies with respect to addressing a variety of legislative issues, including the 2019 omnibus oil and gas bill, statewide ballot measures, and local government regulations.

    • Assisted client in preparing remediated property for sale to park foundation in the middle of heavily industrialized area of Los Angeles County with no nearby park serving local residents. Services included negotiating and documenting sale, drafting appropriate deed restrictions to prevent change of use that could expose seller to risk of liability, resolving/clearing title issues, drafting lease agreement, coordinating with buyer in negotiations with regulatory agencies for bona fide purchaser status under California Land Reuse and Revitalization Act of 2004 (CLRRA), Prospective Purchaser agreement, agreement and covenant not to sue (from DTSC), land use covenant and agreement for environmental restrictions, and related documents. Transaction was completed timely.

    • Successfully represented the Colorado Oil and Gas Association in litigation against the cities of Lafayette, Fort Collins, and Longmont regarding bans or moratoria on hydraulic fracturing activities, prevailing on summary judgment in each matter. This litigation involved precedent-setting issues pertaining to state versus local preemption of oil and gas activities, and culminated in two rulings by the Colorado Supreme Court striking down Longmont's ban and Fort Collin's five-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

    • Successfully represented COGA and its members in a number of complex, multi-day rulemaking before the COGCC , including rulemakings concerning new setback requirements and new flowline regulations governing mapping, registration, removal and integrity management issues.

    • Successfully represented a large oil and gas company in a high profile regulatory proceeding before the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regarding potential violations related to the company's deep water injection wells and low-level earthquakes in the region. This work included assisting the company in obtaining permits for new deep water injection wells.

    • Represented several energy companies in opposing potential state-wide ballot initiatives impacting oil and gas operations. This work included devising a legal and government relations strategy to oppose twelve different ballot measures.

    • Representation of a national solar module manufacturer in connection with tax incentives on a solar photovoltaic project in Clark County, Nevada

    • Development of a process and framework to select a zero emissions technology for subsequent preparation of a RFQ/RFP to implement an environmentally friendly system to move shipping containers from the ports' docks to railroad distribution yards. Advised the ports concerning selection of procurement frameworks, public contracting, public relations, public records and confidential information.

    • Successfully represented Madison Capital in an oil and gas case involving properties in Colorado and New Mexico.

    • Represented a large, multi-state cattle ranching operation in obtaining a favorable ruling from the IRS regarding a split-off of the business between family members.

    • Represented Aspect Abundant Shale, a Denver-based energy and natural resources company, in its $250 million sale of two natural gas wells in Arkansas to a Texas-based oil and natural gas company.

    • Successfully defended Trans-Canada Pipeline, a large Canadian pipeline company, in a gas transportation antitrust case in Federal Court in Montana. Paladin Associates v. Montana Power et al.

    • Provided land use and CEQA compliance advice to the first wind project in Santa Barbara County.

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