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Today, energy and natural resource projects face complicated, uncertain and challenging reviews by both government and communities. Our Energy, Environment and Resources Strategies (EERS) Group brings together bipartisan senior policy advisors and attorneys who can drive these highly complex matters within all three branches of government to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

The EERS Group focuses on complex matters that require a multi-disciplined approach to legal, lobbying and strategic services. Collaboratively, the group brings a unique combination of skill and previous federal experience to deliver policy outcomes, project approvals or legal decisions on matters related to energy, the environment and natural resources.

The group provides critical expertise to companies, state agencies, associations, nonprofits and other organizations in the energy, natural resources and environmental space. Areas of focus include oil and natural gas, infrastructure development, project development, public lands and permitting, environmental policy, the Endangered Species Act, energy policy, water policy, mining and Indian law.

With collective insights gathered from decades of experience working as decision makers across various federal agencies, we know how to best position clients before Congress, federal administrative agencies and the courts. Members of the EERS Group have held key positions in which they developed, implemented and defended major policies, including serving as chief legal officers at the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), decision makers within the Interior and the EPA and Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and senior congressional staff and legislative strategists.

Representative Matters
  • Represents one of the largest recreation software developers on federal and state engagement with the administration and Congress to increase recreation participation on public lands.

  • Represents a large Midwestern utility on energy legislation and energy policy.

  • Represents a large federal water project on navigating right of way issues across public lands.

  • Represents a deep water, independent oil and gas company on offshore related policy and legislation.

  • Provides federal representation with the administration and Congress for an entity representing consumer-owned electric systems that contract for the delivery of federal hydropower over the federal transmission system of the Western Area Power Administration from the Colorado River Storage Project.

  • Provides strategic counsel on navigating approvals for an arctic oil and gas development.

  • Represents a liquified natural gas company on dredging permits and policy.

  • Represents a hard rock mining company permitting a large gold mining project on federal land.

  • Provides strategic advice and counsel regarding regulatory, permitting and agency approvals for a large, independent oil and gas company pursuing onshore and offshore projects.

  • Successfully helped a hard rock mining company navigate a significant regulatory and potential enforcement action saving the company from a potentially long term project delay.

  • Provides strategic counsel in navigating federal permitting and approvals on behalf of a calcium carbonate mine.

  • Provides representation and works with a coalition of stakeholders on a large public lands and conversation bill.

  • Represents a large oil and gas exploration and production company on federal engagement for both onshore and offshore projects.

  • Provides engagement with state and local stakeholders in California regarding a potential offshore wind development.

  • Provides strategic counsel to a gateway municipality in navigating regulatory issues with federal land management agencies.

  • Provides representation and works with federal stakeholders on various wind opportunities and projects throughout the United States as it relates to the federal government.

  • Provides federal representation to an independent oil and gas company operating on federal lands.

  • Successfully represented oil and gas trade association in federal district court matter related to the Endangered Species Act, resulting in dismissal of the underlying action.

  • On behalf of a collation of Colorado water districts, was successful in having federal legislation passed that secures approximately $3 million in annual base funding for the Upper Colorado and San Juan fish recovery programs. (PL. 112-270)

  • Provided strategic direction to a major national nonprofit conservation organization regarding a proposed listing of a species under the Endangered Species Act.

  • Represent one of the largest federal water contractors in the United States to ensure that its members have a long-term dependable supply of water to meet project purposes.

  • Given its significant experience related to the implementation of the Endangered Species Act, Brownstein was selected to provide strategic direction to a major national nonprofit foundation regarding the proposed determination of whether the African lion is an endangered species as defined by the Endangered Species Act.

  • Brownstein is collaborating with a greenfield mining company to implement an infrastructure development program that minimizes the length of time necessary to complete the state and federal permitting process.

  • Represented a uranium mining company in obtaining NEPA approval and to address federal and state stipulations regarding the Sage Grouse. Brownstein is working closely with the company to make sure that federal and state regulations are reasonable and permit ongoing production.

  • Successfully represent a non-profit entity in Endangered Species Act listing litigation.

  • Provide federal representation to a major western water district in connection with a dispute over the Department of the Interior’s management of the district’s water supply.

  • Represent one of the largest water districts in the State of Arizona in connection with the NEPA review of a coal-fire powered plant.

  • Represents one of the largest federal water contractors in the United States to ensure that its members have a long-term dependable supply of water to meet project purposes.

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