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03.27.14Compliance with Land Use Regulations   >>
Related People:  Susan F. Petrovich
03.20.14Case Law Update   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
03.20.14Johnson and Crapo Release Housing Finance Reform Proposal   >>
Related People:  John Sonsalla, Robert B. Flock
03.19.14Bureau of Land Management to Focus Anew on Venting and Flaring on Federal and Indian Lands   >>
Related People:  Luke D. Johnson
03.18.14Water Rights and Water Quality Interrelationships and Implications
Related People:  Russell M. McGlothlin, Ronda L. Sandquist
03.17.14Current Trends with Respect to Indian Reserved Rights and Congressionally-Approved Water Rights Settlements   >>
Related People:  Ryan A. Smith
03.17.14Trustee Alert – HIPAA EDI Certification Proposed Rule   >>
Related People:  Andrew S. Brignone, Cara S. Elias, Christopher M. Humes
03.14.14Supreme Court Ruling Represents Major Shift for Railroad Rights of Way   >>
Related People:  Courtney A. Davis, Ryan A. Smith
03.12.14With Cyberattacks on the Rise, White House Releases Cybersecurity Framework   >>
Related People:  Manuel Ortiz, Robert B. Flock
03.11.14American Entrepreneurship and Investment Act of 2014   >>
Related People:  David P. Cohen
03.11.14Containing the Fallout from the Senate Nuclear Option
Related People:  Makan Delrahim
03.10.14SCOTUS Expands Sarbanes-Oxley to Include Contractors   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
03.07.14Court Rejects Rule 106 Challenge to Sterling Ranch Rezoning Approval   >>
Related People:  Wayne F. Forman, Caitlin Quander
03.05.14All Aboard: The Activation of an Iconic Historic Train Station   >>
Related People:  C.J. Chapman, Bruce A. James
03.05.14The Cadiz Water Project – Progressive Groundwater Management Strategy
Related People:  Amy M. Steinfeld
03.03.14Brownstein Trial Victory Provides Executive Compensation Plan Guidance   >>
Related People:  Lisa Hogan, John V. McDermott, Jeffrey D. Felder, Carrie E. Johnson
03.03.14Groundwater Rights: The Elephant in the Room   >>
Related People:  Russell M. McGlothlin
02.28.14Urban Renewal: Kickstarting the Region
Related People:  Carolynne C. White
02.26.14LEGAL WATER QUALITY CHALLENGES: Addressing Real Mine Issues in Water Quality Regulatory Systems   >>
Related People:  Ronda L. Sandquist
Related Practice:  Water, Mining
02.19.14New Water ... Is Cadiz Part of the Answer?
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
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