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03.05.14All Aboard: The Activation of an Iconic Historic Train Station   >>
Related People:  C.J. Chapman, Bruce A. James
03.05.14The Cadiz Water Project – Progressive Groundwater Management Strategy
Related People:  Amy M. Steinfeld
03.03.14Brownstein Trial Victory Provides Executive Compensation Plan Guidance   >>
Related People:  Lisa Hogan, John V. McDermott, Jeffrey D. Felder, Carrie E. Johnson
03.03.14Groundwater Rights: The Elephant in the Room   >>
Related People:  Russell M. McGlothlin
02.28.14Urban Renewal: Kickstarting the Region
Related People:  Carolynne C. White
02.26.14LEGAL WATER QUALITY CHALLENGES: Addressing Real Mine Issues in Water Quality Regulatory Systems   >>
Related People:  Ronda L. Sandquist
Related Practice:  Water, Mining
02.19.14New Water ... Is Cadiz Part of the Answer?
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
02.18.14Arizona Campaign Finance Law: State, County, and Local Elections
Related People:  Kory A. Langhofer
02.13.14Consumer Finance Protection? Are You Kidding Me? What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Related People:  Richard B. Benenson
02.07.14Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck’s Health Care Litigation Team Successfully Defends ERISA Plan’s Subrogation Interest in the Ninth Circuit and Is Awarded Fees   >>
Related People:  John C. West, Ishra K. Solieman, Kory A. Langhofer
02.05.14CFPB And State AGs Vs. Lawyers   >>
Related People:  Richard B. Benenson
01.30.142014 Washington Outlook   >>
Related People:  Judy A. Black, David P. Cohen, Alexander R. Dahl, Makan Delrahim, Jacob A. Johnson, Michael B. Levy, Alfred E. Mottur, William E. Moschella, R. James Nicholson, David Longly Bernhardt, Cate McCanless, Elizabeth M. Gore, Brooks A. Brunson, Ryan A. Smith, Jon Hrobsky, Manuel Ortiz, Marc S. Lampkin, Elizabeth A. Maier, Luke D. Johnson, Barry Jackson, Lawrence J. Jensen, John Sonsalla, Robert B. Flock
Related Practice:  Government Relations
01.27.14Strategies: Court Ruling Shows Importance of Following Policies   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
01.23.14CFPB’s Private Student Loan Payment Report Serves as a Guide to Preemptively Revising Loan Payment Policies   >>
Related People:  Richard B. Benenson, Jason R. Dunn, Jeffrey S. Rugg, Jonathan C. Sandler
01.22.14Cutting Edge Groundwater Issues
Related People:  Russell M. McGlothlin
01.16.14Avitars, Apps and Aggregation: New Technologies Shake Up Media Law Again
Related People:  Deborah Drooz
01.16.14Water Law and Policy   >>
Related People:  Bradley J. Herrema, Kenneth Khachigian, Russell M. McGlothlin
01.16.14What Employers Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger
01.14.14Trustee Alert – Out-of-Pocket Maximums after 2014   >>
Related People:  Andrew S. Brignone, Cara S. Elias
01.13.14CFPB Continues to Take Action Against Consumer-related Entities, including Law Firms   >>
Related People:  Richard B. Benenson, Jason R. Dunn, Jeffrey S. Rugg, Jonathan C. Sandler
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