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06.09.14Law Firm Pro Bono: Closing The Justice Gap   >>
Related People:  Lauren E. Schmidt
06.05.14As Congress Seeks Additional Funding, Inversion Proposal Emerges   >>
Related People:  Manuel Ortiz, Robert B. Flock
06.05.14Clearing the Haze: Rohrabacher Amendment Does Not Change Federal Policy Regarding Medical Marijuana   >>
Related People:  William E. Moschella
06.04.14Partnerships Tax Issues
Related People:  Neil M. Goff
06.03.14Recent Supreme Court Decision Bars State from Suing Tribe Seeking to Operate an Illegal Off-Reservation Casino   >>
Related People:  Ryan A. Smith
06.02.14New Litigation Tactics For Patent Cases
Related People:  Evan Rothstein
06.02.14The Top 6 Takeaways From the EPA's Proposed Greenhouse Gas Rules   >>
Related People:  Elizabeth M. Gore, Jon Hrobsky
06.02.14Two Colorado Supreme Court Decisions Address Independent Contractor Relationships   >>
Related People:  Lisa Hogan, Michael F. Feeley, Christine A. Samsel, Bill C. Berger
06.01.14Conflicts Between Natural Resources and Surface Development
Related People:  Sarah M. Clark
06.01.14Delivering Dispute Free Construction Projects - Part III   >>
Related People:  Jonathan G. Pray, Adam K. Bult
Related Practice:  Real Estate & Construction
06.01.14Kane on Trademark Law: A Practitioner's Guide
Related People:  Kathryn A. Barrett
06.01.14The Water of Life
Related People:  Lisabeth D. Rothman
05.28.14$4.8M HIPAA Fine Part Of Wider HHS Crackdown
Related People:  Darryl T.  Landahl, Julie A. Sullivan
05.23.14Companies Acquiring Unionized Businesses Face Increased Scrutiny by the NLRB   >>
Related People:  Bill C. Berger, Chad Grell, Tiffany A. Updegraff, Karen Dinino
05.21.14EB-5 Program is an Alternative Finance Option for Development   >>
Related People:  David P. Cohen
05.20.14Management or Madness: Regulatory Frameworks for Groundwater
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
05.16.14Pro Bono in Practice: How to Feed Your Soul and Fulfill Your Ethical Obligations
Related People:  Lauren E. Schmidt
05.15.14How the Failure of Energy Efficiency Legislation Paves the Way for CO2 Regulation   >>
Related People:  Elizabeth M. Gore
05.08.14Groundwater Management in a Time of Drought: New Directions or More of the Same
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
05.08.14Groundwater Management Reform in California: Brownstein Recommendations   >>
Related People:  Scott S. Slater
Related Practice:  Water
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