Washington, DC
1155 F Street, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC  20004
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From Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport:

  • Start out going southeast on Friendship Rd toward Oak Rd.
  • Turn slight left onto Oak Rd.
  • Turn slight left onto Elm Rd.
  • Stay straight to go onto Friendship Rd.  Friendship Rd becomes I-195 W.
  • Merge onto MD-295 S/Baltimore Washington Pkwy S via EXIT 2B toward Washington.
  • Merge onto US-50 W toward Washington (Crossing into District of Columbia).
  • Turn left onto 6th St NW/US-50 W/US-1 S.
  • Turn right onto H St NW.
  • Turn left onto 9th St NW.
  • Turn right onto F St NW.
  • 1155 F ST NW is on the right.

From Dulles International Airport:

  • Start out going north on Saarinen Cir toward Dulles Access Rd E.
  • Stay straight to go onto Dulles Access Rd E.
  • Stay straight to go onto I-66 E/Custis Memorial Pkwy E. Continue to follow I-66 E (Crossing into District of Columbia).
  • Take the US-50 E/Constitution Ave exit toward Downtown.
  • Stay straight to go onto Constitution Ave NW/US-50 E.
  • Turn left onto 12th St NW.
  • Take the 3rd right onto F St NW.
  • 1155 F ST NW is on the left.

From Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport:

  • Start out going north on National Airport Access Rd toward National Ave.
  • National Airport Access Rd becomes National Ave.
  • Take George Washington Memorial Pkwy N.
  • Merge onto I-395 N/Southwest Fwy N toward Washington (Crossing into District of Columbia).
  • Take EXIT 3 toward 12th Street Expwy/Verizon Cntr.
  • Merge onto 12th St NW via the ramp on the left.
  • Turn right onto F St NW.
  • 155 F ST NW is on the left.

From McPherson Square Metro Station:

  • Start out going north on 15th St NW toward K St NW.
  • Turn right onto K St NW.
  • Turn right onto 14th St NW.
  • Turn left onto F St NW.
  • 1155 F ST NW is on the left.

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