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Constant involvement in the marketplace. We know that successful transactions require agility, knowledge, relationships, and the broad market and in-depth legal knowledge that one can only gain by high deal flow. We take the time to learn about your investment strategy, business challenges and future goals. We strive to identify potential issues to help you navigate the smoothest road to success. It’s a true partnership that is dedicated to all facets of your business development.

Our various Corporate & Business practice groups collaborate with each other and with other practices within the firm to offer you a robust suite of legal services. From the seasoned policy advisors in our Government Affairs practice to the effectiveness of our Litigation groups, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck is always there when it matters. We are redefining presence. We are redefining access. We are redefining service.

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Representative Matters
  • Represented Prairie Dog Pet Products, LLC in the closing of its credit facility with Presidential Financial Corporation.

  • Represented Guaranty Bank and Trust in a term loan and revolving credit facility for SpeedPro Imaging, a leading large format custom graphic printing company in the United States and Canada and a portfolio company of Fairfield-Maxwell.

  • Represented KeyBank in a term loan and revolving credit facility for Binswanger Enterprises, LLC, a leading manufacturer of glass and aluminum products for construction, residential and automotive markets in the U.S. and a portfolio company of Grey Mountain Partners.

  • Represented Victory Park Capital and its portfolio company, VPC Fuller Brush Operating Corp. in a Senior Secured Loan.

  • Represented Prospect Global Resources in its initial public offering and follow-on public offerings.

  • Lead counsel to Sun Mountain Capital in documenting a term loan facility for recommissioning of a sawmill in Saratoga, Wyoming.

  • Served as counsel to Vail Resorts Development Company and RCR Vail, LLC in connection with New York state registration to permissibly market its Vail, Colorado-based Ritz-Carlton Residences project to prospective New York purchasers.

  • Represented U.S. Geothermal Inc. in the development and construction of its $137 million, 22-megawatt-net geothermal power plant in Oregon. Part of the project financing included negotiating a loan and a loan guarantee with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Financing Bank for this leading renewable energy geothermal development company.

  • Represented a public company issuer in connection with its public offering of securities issued in the private placement via a registration statement filed with the SEC.

  • Represented an oil and gas public company in its successful private placement to 32 accredited investors (as defined in Regulation D) valued at $793,732.

  • Acted as local Nevada counsel in connection with offering by Reddy Ice Corporation of first lien senior secured notes and an exchange offer of second lien senior secured notes for senior discount notes of Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc.

  • Served as underwriter's counsel in connection with the delivery of a total of $239,365,000 University Enterprise Revenue Bonds. The University Revenue Bonds were delivered in three series: $76,725,000 Tax-Exempt University Revenue Bonds Subseries 2009B-1; $138,130,000 Taxable University Enterprise Revenue Bonds Subseries 2009B-2 (Build America Bonds -- Direct Payment) and $24,510,000 Tax-Exempt University Enterprise Refunding Bonds Series 2009C.

  • Served as underwriter's counsel in connection with the delivery of $39,355,000 Mojave Water Agency, Revenue Certificates of Participation, Series 2009A.

  • Represented the developer in the acquisition of a vacant hotel, obtaining entitlements for redevelopment of the site as a mixed-use (residential/retail), transit-oriented development; resolution of title matters; construction financing; leasing of retail space and eventual $60.9 million sale of the project in Denver, CO.

  • Served as underwriter's counsel in connection with $130,080,000 Orange County Water District, Revenue Refunding Certificates of Participation, Series 2009A.

  • Represent Signet Solar Inc. in a Department of Energy loan guarantee transaction and project financing associated with its Sun Kachina PV production facility in Belen, New Mexico.

  • Represented the purchaser/redeveloper of the former Gates Factory site, which consists of 55 acres and 2 million building square feet, located at I-25 and Broadway in Denver. The firm's work for the redevelopment involved brownfields redevelopment, environmental remediation, acquisition of entitlements for a mixed-use transit-oriented development, neighborhood negotiations and structuring of public and private financing.

  • Represented a local private foundation in forming a public-private joint venture with a leading medical institution and a leading educational institution with seed and support funding provided by the foundation. The venture was approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and represented the first time such a not-for-profit limited liability company was formed in Colorado.

  • Representing private equity project developer for negotiation of groundwater subscription agreements and public-private partnership to construct an 80-mile water supply pipeline in southwest Texas.

  • Served as special COP counsel in connection with a $17,735,000 lease purchase financing of the new Denver Botanic Gardens parking garage. Certificates of Participation, Series 2008B, evidenced a proportionate interest in the base rentals and other revenues under an annually-renewable lease purchase agreement between the Denver Botanic Gardens Parking Facility Trust 2008 as lessor, and the City and County of Denver as lessee.

  • Served as local counsel to Quest Resource Corporation in its common stock offering.

  • Represented UBS Securities in its underwriting of $35 million in Clean Water Resources and Power Development Authority, Clean Water Revenue Bonds, 2007 Series A.

  • Represented the Baptist Road Rural Transportation Authority as bond counsel in connection with its issuance of $21.5 million of Sales and Use Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2007.

  • Represented Southern Pacific Railroad Company in selling right of ways to state and local transportation agencies for mass transit use. Negotiated shared trackage agreement for commuter rail service.

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