When the stakes are high and conventional solutions are not enough. When your business, reputation or industry is on the line. Our deep experience, multidisciplinary approach and political connections deliver results. Because today, successful outcomes require more than just practicing law. Learn more.

Case Studies

Denver Serves as Model for Las Vegas Transit Projects

Leaders in Las Vegas’ public and private sectors visit Denver to experience first-hand what it takes to make investment in smart transit options a reality. More

Secured Second Year as No. 2 Federal Lobbying Firm

No matter what the type of organization, playing an active role in the political decision-making process and policy formation is no longer a luxury—it is an imperative. More

Melanoma Research Gets a Boost From Successful Lobbying

Brownstein’s policy team was a driving force behind the doubled funding for melanoma and other cancer research in the 2015 omnibus appropriations bill as well as the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer through our team’s pro bono work with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA). More

Helping a Community Hospital Thrive

The sale of a distressed hospital takes an integrated team with the ability to pull together the right resources in a limited time frame. More

Creating a Path for Compensation on Behalf of the Former American Hostages in Tehran


State Tourism Projects Get a Boost from Regional Tourism Act

Brownstein guided statewide effort to promote tourism in Colorado that resulted in a quarter-billion dollars of economic development projects throughout the state. More

Reinventing a Denver Icon

The $54 million transformation of Denver’s historic 120-year-old train station was accomplished through a complex and rapidly evolving public/private partnership. More

50 Golf Clubs: One Successful Transaction

ClubCorp’s purchase of Sequoia Golf and its inventory of 50 courses required quick work and careful planning to close such a large transaction in just eight weeks. More

SouthGlenn Mall Reborn as The Streets at SouthGlenn

Redevelopment involves a myriad of legal issues, from joint venture structuring to public and private financing. More

Securing Much-Needed Access to the Colorado River

After a 15-year effort to negotiate and litigate the 2003 Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement all of the remaining legal challenges to the landmark accord have been thrown out. More