Environmental Social Governance
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Environmental Social Governance

Advising clients on critical ESG strategies

Increasingly essential to everyday business, ESG is no longer the domain of select industry leaders. We can provide the guidance necessary to navigate not only regulatory, legal and reputational issues but also the strategic opportunities that come with a broadened risk management approach.

More than ever, organizations need a partner who can help them anticipate and manage risk related to ESG issues. Increased public scrutiny of environmental, civil rights and social issues has propelled many in the private sector to quickly adapt. We help identify, prioritize and reduce regulatory, reputational and financial risks, while preserving long-term flexibility to address an evolving landscape.

Brownstein’s distinctive multidisciplinary approach is essential to a comprehensive ESG strategy. Across our areas of focus—Corporate, Natural Resources, Government Relations, Litigation, Real Estate, Cybersecurity and Crisis Management—we bring together teams that understand what’s at stake. Our work encompasses energy and carbon, supply chain, intellectual property and privacy, water quality and waste, regulatory risk, corporate governance and transactions. We know that “small” issues can escalate into a crisis with bottom line impact, and that risks, once tenable, can become unacceptable liabilities more quickly than ever before.

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