Samantha A.  Corbin

Samantha A. Corbin

Senior Policy Advisor


Public policy advocate with two decades experience shaping and influencing policy in California and nationally. Serving organizations and coalitions through strategic development, community organizing, procurement, government affairs and public relations.

Samantha Corbin develops creative, actionable solutions to complex problems. Her extensive knowledge of state and federal processes, coupled with strong relationships with for-profit and philanthropic organizations ensure clients are well positioned for success. Her expertise spans an array of sectors including technology, artificial intelligence, mental health, education and workforce programs. However, she is most well known for her work as a top policy advisor in consumer privacy given her instrumental role in negotiating every major privacy-related bill in California over the past decade. She also played a critical role in legislative adjustments in the California Consumer Privacy Act to ensure key industries maintain essential customer information functions.

With a focus in government budgets and procurement, Samantha has secured over $11 billion in funding for various client-driven programs, projects and initiatives. Her innovative contributions to educational and workforce development are evidenced by her leadership role in developing the state’s education-to-workforce data platform.

In addition to her policy advocacy, Samantha has also launched multiple seven-figure businesses, including the Responder Health program, a nationwide initiative aimed at providing confidential support, patient advocacy and training for first responders and essential workers. She is a founder of We Said Enough, an initiative focused on workplace sexual harassment, abuse, and bullying that has led to significant legislative change across the United States. Most recently, she was a founder of Corbin and Kaiser, a government affairs firm serving a diverse clientele.



A.A., University of Phoenix