Air Quality
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Air Quality

Addressing complex air quality challenges across sectors

Today’s public and private companies face a growing tide of air quality challenges from—increasingly complex regulations, investor-driven climate change demands and increasing public scrutiny. We provide the experienced counsel needed to help clients solve their numerous air quality challenges in today’s operating environment.

We bring first-hand experience to all facets of our clients’ air quality challenges, including permitting, compliance, enforcement defense, federal and state litigation, and complex rulemaking initiatives at all levels. Routinely working with local air quality management districts, state air pollution control divisions and federal environmental and energy agencies, our team is known for our strong advocacy and excellent professional relationships. We frequently find ourselves on the forefront of cutting-edge air quality issues ranging from climate change to carbon capture and storage to renewable and alternative fuels projects. We are adept at navigating highly complex problems and achieving client objectives while avoiding tedious and often expensive regulatory delays. When controversies do arise, our clients turn to our cross-disciplinary team to litigate final agency actions and defend against high-stakes enforcement proceedings and civil lawsuits. Clients spanning numerous industries rely on Brownstein to devise successful strategies to address modern day air quality challenges and keep their businesses moving forward.

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