410 Seventeenth Street
Suite 2200
Denver, Colorado  80202-4432
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Map & Directions

From Denver International Airport:

  • Head north on Pena Blvd, about 12 miles;
  • Merge onto I-70 West via the exit on the left;
  • Take Exit 274 for I-25;
  • Keep left toward I-25 South;
  • Quickly get into right lane; follow signs for 38th Ave/Park Ave;
  • Keep right at the fork, following signs to Park Avenue/Downtown;
  • Continue onto 22nd St;
  • Turn right onto Blake St;
  • Turn left onto 17th St. Office will be on the right (at the corner of 17th St. & Glenarm Pl.).
News & Insights

Meet The Team

Steven E. Abelman Shareholder T 303.223.1102
Daniel Ackerman Shareholder T 303.223.1199
Adam J. Agron Shareholder T 303.223.1134
Nicole R. Ament Shareholder T 303.223.1174
Matthew C. Arentsen Associate T 303.223.1152
Tony Arias Associate T 303.223.1281
Carrie A. Knudsen Chief Financial Officer T 303.223.1307
Colleen Wheeler Staff Recruiting Manager T 303.223.1349
Elissa A. Asaro Patent Agent T 303.223.1333
Erica S. Gartenberg Director of Legal Talent Acquisition T 303.223.1475
Joe Craven Chief Information Officer T 303.223.1396
Jason Horvath Director of Client Accounts T 303.223.1311
Keriann Barry Corporate Practice Group Manager T 303.223.1375
Karen B. Kleiman Director of Professional Development T 303.223.1353
Katrin Miller Rothgery Conflicts and Ethics Counsel T 303.223.1402
Kristin Stork Director of Community Relations T 303.223.1379
Kevin Twomey Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis T 303.223.1308
Lara Day Chief Culture & Communications Officer T 303.223.1323
Margaret Martinez Intellectual Property Practice Group Manager T 303.223.1453
Nancy Crawford Chief Human Resources Officer T 303.223.1324
Peter M. Jarvis Patent Agent T 303.223.1302
Susan Erlenborn Director of Communications T 303.223.1436
Thomas A. Jones Director of IT Operations T 303.223.1428
Tina Dietzmann Director of Office Operations T 303.223.1360
Tamala Jonas Patent Agent T 303.223.1483
Randolph E. Treece, Ph.D. Patent Agent T 303.223.1362
Bryce H. Beecher Of Counsel T 303.223.1124
Brittany N. Bliffen Associate T 303.223.1113
David S. Atkinson Of Counsel T 303.223.1105
Elaine D. Bailey Associate T 303.223.1282
Edward N. Barad Shareholder T 303.223.1108
Gregory W. Berger Shareholder T 303.223.1158
Kinny Bagga Associate T 303.223.1172
Melissa Kuipers Blake Shareholder T 303.223.1164
Norman Brownstein Shareholder T 303.223.1101
W. Patrick Berry Associate T 303.223.1122
Robert P. Attai Shareholder T 303.223.1271
Richard B. Benenson Shareholder T 303.223.1203
Sarah Auchterlonie Shareholder T 303.223.1228
Sean M. Bahoshy Shareholder T 303.223.1229
Amy J. Diaz Shareholder T 303.223.1234
Andrew C. Elliott Shareholder T 303.223.1154
Andrew J. Freyer Associate T 303.223.1148
David A. Curfman Shareholder T 303.223.1169
Douglas J. Friednash Shareholder T 303.223.1221
Erin M. Eiselein Shareholder T 303.223.1251
Craig M. Finger Associate T 303.223.1135
Hannah M. Caplan Associate T 303.223.1258
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr. Shareholder T 303.223.1186
Justin L. Cohen Associate T 303.223.1254
Jennifer Eiteljorg Shareholder T 303.223.1162
Kevin A. Cudney Shareholder T 303.223.1166
Marc C. Diamant Shareholder T 303.223.1132
Michael F. Feeley Shareholder T 303.223.1237
Martha L. Fitzgerald Shareholder T 303.223.1472
Michael A. Freimann Shareholder T 303.223.1195
Sharon E. Caulfield Shareholder T 303.223.1110
Steven C. Demby Shareholder T 303.223.1119
Steven W. Farber Shareholder T 303.223.1109
Tal Diamant Shareholder T 303.223.1235
Wayne F. Forman Shareholder T 303.223.1120
Allison L. Gambill Of Counsel T 303.223.1175
Amanda K. Houseal Associate T 303.223.1247
Aaron M. Hyatt Shareholder T 303.223.1107
Abby L. Kirkbride Associate T 303.223.1161
T. Alexandra Koenig Associate T 303.223.1238
Benno M. Guggenheimer Shareholder T 303.223.1202
Bruce A. James Shareholder T 303.223.1167
Christopher J. Hand Associate T 303.223.1292
Connor D. Hannagan Associate T 303.223.1256
S. Craig Hemenway Shareholder T 303.223.1104
Catherine A. Hildreth Associate T 303.223.1263
Christine A. Jochim Of Counsel T 303.223.1163
Carrie E. Johnson Shareholder T 303.223.1198
Dulcinea Z. Hanuschak Shareholder T 303.223.1184
Donald L. Kortz Of Counsel T 303.223.1147
Erik J. Jensen Shareholder T 303.223.1205
Emily R. Garnett Associate T 303.223.1171
Reid M. Galbraith Associate T 303.223.1239
Gregory M. Janssen Associate T 303.223.1288
Arthur K. Griffin Associate T 303.223.1264
Van Aaron Hughes Of Counsel T 303.223.1253
Justin M. Hahn Associate T 303.223.1277
Joshua M. Hantman Shareholder T 303.223.1216
Jeffrey A. Jay Associate T 303.223.1173
Jeffrey M. Knetsch Shareholder T 303.223.1160
Lisa Hogan Shareholder T 303.223.1185
Michael W. King Shareholder T 303.223.1130
Philip A. Gosch Shareholder T 303.223.1170
Rob Kaufmann Shareholder T 303.223.1176
Shane C. Griffin Associate T 303.223.1259
Stanley L. Garnett Shareholder T 303.223.1286
Suzanne R. Kalutkiewicz Consulting Attorney T 303.223.1131
Thomas J. Krysa Shareholder T 303.223.1270
Avi Loewenstein Shareholder T 303.223.1136
Alexandra Fidler Metzl Shareholder T 303.223.1157
Andrew L. Meyers Shareholder T 303.223.1193
Anna-Liisa Mullis Associate T 303.223.1165
Angela Turriciano Otto Shareholder T 702.464.7064
Blair E. Lichtenfels Shareholder T 303.223.1190
Cassidy A. Merriam Associate T 303.223.1248
Christopher O. Murray Shareholder T 303.223.1183
David B. Meschke Associate T 303.223.1219
Esteban M. Morin Associate T 303.223.1275
Gino A. Maurelli Shareholder T 303.223.1115
Gregory W. Osterloth Of Counsel T 303.223.1273
Hirsch L. Neustein Associate T 303.223.1298
Ian V. O'Neill Shareholder T 303.223.1210
Kristin Macdonald Shareholder T 303.223.1242
Mark F. Leonard Shareholder T 303.223.1128
Mark J. Mathews Shareholder T 303.223.1179
Matthew R. Nyberg Shareholder T 303.223.1153
Mark M. Oveson Shareholder T 303.223.1127
Nicholas J. Larson Associate T 303.223.1291
Trayton D. Oakes Associate T 303.223.1295
Peter J. Nagle Associate T 303.223.1180
Rikard D. Lundberg Shareholder T 303.223.1232
Ron Merrill Consulting Attorney T 303.223.1266
Scott McEachron Associate T 303.223.1278
Sarah M. Mercer Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel T 303.223.1139
J. Tenley Oldak Shareholder T 303.223.1159
Andrew J. Roth-Moore Associate T 303.223.1287
Benjamin W. Ryan Associate T 303.223.1262
Charles J. Smith Associate T 303.223.1289
Charlotte S. Phelps Associate T 303.223.1294
Caitlin Quander Shareholder T 303.223.1233
Christopher D. Reiss Shareholder T 303.223.1144
Christine A. Samsel Shareholder T 303.223.1133
Cara R. Sterling Shareholder T 303.223.1141
David M. Spaulding Shareholder T 303.223.1241
Elizabeth D. Paulsen Shareholder T 303.223.1187
Jonathan G. Pray Shareholder T 303.223.1211
Julia E. Rhine Associate T 303.223.1279
Jay Spader Shareholder T 303.223.1146
Jesse D. Sutz Associate T 303.223.1285
Kate B. Stevenson Associate T 303.223.1280
Michael J. Pankow Shareholder T 303.223.1106
Michael P. Smith Associate T 303.223.1150
Noelle Riccardella Shareholder T 303.223.1204
Nicholas R. Santucci Associate T 303.223.1246
Nancy A. Strelau Shareholder T 303.223.1151
Paul J. Prendergast, Ph.D. Shareholder T 303.223.1194
Ronda L. Sandquist Shareholder T 303.223.1191
Robert H. Steinhoff Associate T 303.223.1125
Samantha L. Palladino Associate T 303.223.1297
Steven O. Sims Shareholder T 303.223.1149
Tai J. Palacio Associate T 303.223.1276
Timothy R. Schulte Of Counsel T 303.223.1240
Zachary J. Siegel Associate T 303.223.1155
Ana Lazo Tenzer Shareholder T 303.223.1156
Ashley B. Wingfield Shareholder T 303.223.1218
Carolynne C. White Shareholder T 303.223.1197
Daniel L. Winer Associate T 303.223.1189
Gina L. Tincher Staff Attorney T 303.223.1255
Gregory A. Vallin Shareholder T 303.223.1103
Joshua A. Weiss Associate T 303-223-1268
Jacob P. Whitted Associate T 303.223.1209
Kevin P. Walsh Of Counsel T 303.223.1249
Margaux Trammell Shareholder T 303.223.1192
Martine Tariot Wells Shareholder T 303.223.1213
Michael C. Zehner Associate T 303.223.1260
Rick D. Thomas Associate T 303.223.1212
Scott E. Wiegand Shareholder T 702.464.7095
Cole J. Woodward Associate T 303.223.1261
Allecia Cavallaro Paralegal T 303.223.1367
Andi M. Stader Paralegal T 303.223.1398
Dawn R. Sullivan Paralegal T 303.223.1404
Sheila M. Grisham Paralegal T 303.223.1377
Heather S. McGraw Paralegal T 303.223.1334
Judith M. Cloutier Paralegal T 303.223.1381
Jean M. Harrison Paralegal T 303.223.1383
Judy Landrum T 303.223.1384
Julie A. Graham Paralegal T 303.223.1305
Karen R. Smith Paralegal T 303.223.1390
Kathy L. Oster Paralegal T 303.223.1343
Kathy L. Folkers Paralegal T 303.223.1477
Kathy Golden Paralegal T 303.223.1431
Kara Kenfield Paralegal T 303.223.1485
Kate M. Meade Paralegal T 303.223.1339
Leah Mumford Paralegal T 303.223.1459
Margaret H. Cawthra Paralegal T 303.223.1358
Paulette M. Chesson Paralegal/Paralegal Coordinator T 303.223.1325
Patricia L. Davis Paralegal T 303.223.1344
Penny G. Lalonde Paralegal T 303.223.1337
René M. Starry Paralegal T 303.223.1408
Sara R. Mares Paralegal T 303.223.1476
Shirley M. Newman Paralegal T 303.223.1376
Stephanie Klepp Paralegal T 303.223.1395
Valerie H. Brown Paralegal T 303.223.1318
Joan Coplan Policy Director T 303.223.1452
Greta E. Johnson Paralegal T 303.223.1484
Michael J. Stratton Senior Policy Director T 202.872.5293
Sara Martin Policy Advisor T 303.223.1438