Tax Policy

Driving the national tax policy conversation

Brownstein’s National Tax Policy Group doesn’t just understand U.S. tax law—we helped write it. Our team offers authoritative knowledge and insight into the nuances of U.S. tax policy, identifies opportunities and regulatory risks, minimizes exposure and advances business interests in a challenging policy landscape.

A single change to the tax code can save or cost a company a fortune. We approach each issue with a business mindset, understanding the interplay between untapped opportunities and long-term success. With decades of collective experience in senior positions ranging from the Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees to the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service to Fortune 500 companies, our team’s public and private-sector experience gives us insight into where statutes are silent, where inroads can be made, and when tradeoffs must occur to achieve results. We maintain strong bipartisan relationships, and while our professionals now work in the private sector, senior members of Congress and agency officials still treat us as trusted advisors when considering legislative and regulatory changes.

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