Employee Benefit Trust Funds
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Employee Benefit Trust Funds

Seasoned employee benefit trust fund legal counsel

Forty years of experience. More than 30 clients that are collectively bargained multiemployer benefit funds or single employer public employee trusts. True neutral advisors representing both labor and management trustees. Our team helps you navigate any issues that arise in developing and administrating trusteed plans.

Brownstein’s Employee Benefit Trust Fund team represents multiemployer Taft-Hartley trust funds, as well as similar single employer public employee trusteed plans. Providing legal services to collectively bargained multiemployer and single employer benefit funds for decades, we guide you through good economic times and bad. We ensure that all trustees, third-party administrators and service providers are aligned and working collaboratively for the benefit of the plan participants and beneficiaries. Our work covers the lifespan of employee benefit trust funds from plan design and drafting to fiduciary duties and trustee meetings. When issues arise – IRS and DOL audit defense, ERISA claims and defense litigation, prosecution and defense of withdrawal liability assessments and employer contribution collection to name a few—our talented litigation team handles it.

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