Public Lands
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Public Lands

Sustainable strategies to protect and operate within public lands

Multiple federal and state agencies have jurisdiction over the lands and resources in the public domain. The legal structure surrounding these areas, and the ins and outs of how decisions are actually made,  can be exceedingly complex. From transmission line easements, to forest management, to ski resort leases and mineral rights, responsible stewardship of our public lands needs to be well grounded in legal strategy. 

Brownstein’s Public Lands team is the resource you need to effectively navigate the often confusing legal and policy framework surrounding public lands. We bring a team of attorneys and policy professionals proficient in dealing with the complicated overlay of management statutes, environmental laws and agency regulations governing public lands. Working on a broad array of advisory, administrative proceeding and litigation matters ranging from ski area permitting and water project planning to oil and gas leasing and forest management, our team is focused on helping you continue to be a responsible steward of public lands. We draw on our substantial experience with numerous federal laws governing activities on public lands to proactively obtain and defend development rights.