Blockchain & Digital Assets
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Blockchain & Digital Assets

Leading the financial tech and decentralized finance movements

As digital assets are increasingly embraced by businesses, creatives and entertainers, Brownstein can provide guidance to help navigate the myriad policy, regulatory, enforcement and legal issues the financial technology and decentralized finance movements face.

We are deeply connected to the federal policymakers and regulators drafting policy related to digital assets and the Web3 ecosystem, as well as the state-level decision-makers in jurisdictions leading the charge on blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, promotion and acceptance. As federal, state and local governments embrace financial technology not as a separate industry, but as a source of innovation and acceleration that touches every aspect of society, industry leaders must embrace a proactive approach with Washington policymakers and state and local regulators to ensure continued growth.

At Brownstein, we have the expertise needed to navigate this emerging technology, including consumer protection, data security, intellectual property, payment processing and money transmission, public policy, regulatory and compliance, risk management, software licensing and transactions. Whether advocating across federal and state legislatures, advising on IP and tax issues surrounding NFTs, complying with registration provisions or buying securities, we stand ready to provide solutions-focused advice and strategies to advance the blockchain and digital assets industries.

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