Mark P. Begich

Mark P. Begich

Strategic Consulting Advisor


Former U.S. senator and Democratic mayor. Thrives at the intersection of business, politics and policy. Invaluable advisor to companies in moments of political crisis.

Mark Begich brings a distinguished career in public service with decades of experience as an entrepreneur to provide strategic counsel that impacts business growth. Mark represented Alaska in the U.S. Senate from 2009 to 2015 after serving as mayor of Anchorage for six years. He was regarded by colleagues on Capitol Hill for his collegiality and solutions-oriented approach to governing. It is those qualities that built his vast bipartisan network, which spans from senior leaders in Congress to high-ranking officials in the Biden administration.

Now, Mark provides Brownstein clients with insight into what makes local, state and federal policymakers “tick,” and he develops messaging that tracks closely with policymakers’ thinking. Mark was a fierce advocate for the priorities of Alaskans during his time in office, and he knows how to balance competing interests in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals to build consensus on policy issues related to natural resources, energy, climate, trade, transportation, tourism, education, health care and housing. When clients find themselves at the center of unwanted attention, Mark devises strategies that neutralize crisis situations.

A business owner by age 14, Mark currently employees approximately 200 people from his ventures across the United States. His passion for entrepreneurship is evident to his clients; Mark enjoys learning about their technologies and brands so that he can best advise on how government can advance their growth.


Representative Matters

Recent Experience

  • Advised a well-known food brand on crisis management and responsible consumer-focused messaging. Helped the company resolve concerns at the state and local level, averting an expensive public relations nightmare.

  • Worked with a major aviation screening client to advocate for commonsense regulation and legislation changes to expand business in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration at airports nationwide.

  • Crafted a strategy to reopen American waters for sailing after the COVID-19 pandemic. Engaged the administration, Congress and industry stakeholders to identify ways in which regulators and cruise lines could agree on safe operating guidance to return Americans to vacationing by sea.

Insights & Publications


Previous Experience

U.S. Senator representing Alaska (2009-2015)

Mayor, Anchorage, Alaska (2003-2009)



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