A Deep Dive Into the USMCA

A Deep Dive Into the USMCA

Apr 26, 2019


Brownstein Podcast Series, April 26, 2019

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has been signed by each country’s respective leader, but its fate now rests in the hands of legislators. Past difficulty enforcing NAFTA labor standards have left members of Congress wary and cautious. Mark Begich moderates a conversation with Lori Harju, Milan Dalal, and the newest addition to the Brownstein team, former House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Ed Royce, in which they discuss the trade agreement’s probability of success and shed light on the global impact of it failing.


Meet The Team

Mark P. Begich Strategic Consulting Advisor T 202.652.2351 mbegich@bhfs.com
Milan V. Dalal Strategic Consulting Advisor T 202.383.4709 mdalal@bhfs.com
Lori Harju Policy Director T 202.747.0519 lharju@bhfs.com
Ed Royce Policy Director T 202.216.4863 eroyce@bhfs.com