The $279 Million Whistleblower Award Heard ‘Round the World
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The $279 Million Whistleblower Award Heard ‘Round the World

Author, Washington Legal Foundation, June 12, 2023

As first reported by the Wall Street Journal last month, the SEC recently made a $279 million payment to a whistleblower related to the government’s 2019 FCPA settlement with Swedish telecom giant Ericsson.  In a press release announcing the record payment, the Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement confirmed that the award is “the highest in our program’s history” and suggested that “there is a significant incentive for whistleblowers to come forward with accurate information about potential securities law violations.”  This record payout is likely to incentivize other whistleblowers and should serve to refocus and reinforce compliance efforts within all companies, foreign and domestic, that are subject to the FCPA.

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