Post-Election Tax Policy Scenario 2: A Democratic Sweep

Post-Election Tax Policy Scenario 2: A Democratic Sweep

Oct 28, 2020


Co-author, Law360, October 28, 2020

Two very different tax philosophies are on the ballot this election. Republicans view tax cuts as an important tool for generating economic growth, as embodied in President Donald Trump's signature law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The Democrats favor a broader economic platform, "build back better," and candidate Joe Biden's view is that a better economy is one that addresses income inequality.

In this three-part article, we discuss possible scenarios that will influence how tax policy unfolds after the votes are counted.

The second installment assumes Democrats sweep the House, Senate and the White House. We discuss Biden's economic and tax policy, what is likely to be on the legislative agenda to carry it out, and difficulties that may arise attempting to lower taxes in the wake of pandemic-related government spending.

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