Aftermath of the Nevada Eviction Moratorium
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Aftermath of the Nevada Eviction Moratorium

Co-author, Communiqué, December 2020

On March 12, 2020, Governor Steve Sisolak declared a state of emergency in Nevada arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Sisolak’s declaration triggered additional executive powers pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) Chapter 414. Utilizing these powers, Sisolak issued a series of directives. On March 29, 2020, Sisolak issued Declaration of Emergency Directive 008 (Directive 8). Directive 8 enacted the so-called “Eviction Moratorium,” staying the vast majority of residential and commercial eviction and lockout proceedings, and prohibiting landlords from serving statutory eviction notices on their tenants. This article highlights the key provisions of the Eviction Moratorium, the state of evictions in Nevada as of the article’s early October 2020 submission date, and next steps for landlords and tenants.

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This article was originally published in the in COMMUNIQUÉ, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association (December 2020).

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