Colo. Manufactured Housing Bill Goes Into Effect
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Colo. Manufactured Housing Bill Goes Into Effect

Co-author, Colorado Real Estate Journal, August 21, 2019

Affordable housing availability continues to be a problem throughout Colorado and much of the United States. Manufactured housing communities are an attractive option to those seeking both home ownership and affordable housing. That said, manufactured housing communities have unique legal challenges given the ownership structure within many of these communities. More specifically, the owners of the manufactured houses (“homeowners”) frequently own their home, which constitutes personal property and not real property, while a third party (a “lot owner”), often a real estate investor, owns the ground under the manufactured homes, which is then leased to homeowners. This creates a unique set of challenges, as homeowners both rent and own their living space. In order to combat some of the issues arising out of this unique situation in manufactured housing communities, HB19-1309 has been passed and signed into law in Colorado. HB19-1309 aims to give homeowners more protections and a more accessible dispute resolution process.

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