Health Care Update (May 2019)

Health Care Update (May 2019)

May 02, 2019


Brownstein Podcast Series, May 2, 2019

With the presidential campaign cycle in full swing, both parties have shown renewed interest in reforming the nation’s health care system. As the House convenes its first Medicare for All hearing, questions remain about the high price tag of the proposal and whether Democratic leadership will actually bring the legislation to a vote.  Drew Littman moderates a conversation with Emily Felder, Nadeam Elshami and Jerome Murray, providing insight into the likelihood of a bipartisan bill on health care reform and the future of the Affordable Care Act.


Meet The Team

Nadeam A. Elshami Policy Director T 202.383.4426
Emily Felder Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel T 202.216.4861
Drew C. Littman Policy Director T 202.383.4702
Jerome Murray Policy Director T 202.872.5298