Indian Gaming Highlights from 2022 and What Is Ahead in 2023
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Indian Gaming Highlights from 2022 and What Is Ahead in 2023

Author, Indian Gaming Magazine, December 2022

This year was incredibly interesting to those paying attention to gaming markets in the U .S. We have continued to see sports betting legislation and ballot measures proposed. Sports betting is live in 31 states (and in Washington, D.C.), and an additional five states have laws on the books legalizing sports betting in some form. Tribes have flexed their muscles in several jurisdictions, influencing whether and how new forms of gaming enter their markets. And, perhaps more importantly, tribes have entered the commercial gaming marketplace at an unprecedented rate, highlighting the maturity of the tribal gaming industry and its ability to compete in any jurisdiction. In the coming years, expect more jurisdictions to expand sports betting and other types of online gaming, and more tribal-commercial partnerships. In addition, expect heightened regulatory over- sight to take shape, with stricter rules related to responsible gaming.

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