Coworking Spaces Balance Location, Amenity, Term
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Coworking Spaces Balance Location, Amenity, Term

Co-author, Office Properties Quarterly, September 2019

In the current leasing market, it is becoming increasingly important for landlords and tenants to adjust their expectations in order to find the proper balance between costs, amenities and the term of the lease. Tenants’ desire for amenities to be included in their leasehold can be costly for landlords, who are trying to minimize leasing costs and increase income. At the same time, tenants seem to be seeking shorter lease terms that also cut against
the landlord’s desire for stable longterm income and reimbursement of initial leasing costs.

With the increased commute to work, tenants want their employees to have some daily necessities close to the office. However, amenities
come with a cost to the landlord. Landlords are trying to find the appropriate balance of amenities they need to create within the building and amenities that exist in the area surrounding the office.

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