Avoiding the Call Blocking Blues
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Avoiding the Call Blocking Blues

Speaker, ACA International Convention & Expo, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, July 27, 2023

This session will review FCC and other government agency efforts to mitigate illegal robocalls and texts.  The government requires telephone companies to undertake various practices to identify and block suspicious traffic.  Failure to comply with these obligations can result in fined or enforcement actions. 

To avoid sanctions and remain in compliance with these new rules, telephone companies are aggressively monitoring calls and either blocking or attaching labels such as potential spam on calls they conclude are suspicious.  Legitimate calls are being blocked or mislabeled.

Everyone is welcomed to attend but this session is geared towards/focused on: C-Suite/Senior Management.

The FCC also requires telephone companies to notify companies when they block calls and to take effective action to unblock legal calls.

This session will help companies understand the regulatory framework and identify steps they can take to avoid erroneous call blocking or labeling. 

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