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Trusted legal counsel for the entertainment industry

Entertainers, athletes, influencers and other celebrities are not just high-profile individuals. They represent human capital around which complex business enterprises are organized to commercialize the celebrity’s talent and personal brand. Brownstein helps its celebrity clients realize, preserve and defend the economic value of their talent and brand.

Many of the most well-known personalities in the entertainment and sports industries rely on Brownstein’s Entertainment law team for strategic and industry-specific legal advice on day-to-day operational matters, extraordinary transactions and legal disputes. Our team combines the skills and knowledge of transactional, tax, litigation, intellectual property and regulatory lawyers with decades of experience handling legal issues unique to the entertainment industry. Our transactional and tax attorneys help entertainment personalities navigate the complexities of operating as a business—from estate plans that integrate with your business structure to tax planning—while our skilled litigators handle high stakes defamation cases, intellectual property disputes and contract and profit participation cases.

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