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Municipalities & Governments

Keeping municipalities and local governments thriving

Evolving pressure from constituents, state and federal governments. Insufficient funding. Competing interests. Municipalities and government agencies must find ways to confront these issues while continuing to meet the needs of key stakeholders. Legal and government relations counsel that understands the matters at stake is paramount.

From advising on the day-to-day business of governing to anticipating multijurisdictional, complex challenges, to handling high stakes litigation, Brownstein gets results. We meet challenges at the local, state, federal or international levels with the creativity, know-how and tenacity needed to succeed. A single political decision at any level of government—from the smallest municipality to the U.S. Congress—can have a significant downstream effect. And that is why for decades, clients have turned to the bipartisan government relations team and experienced legal advisors at Brownstein to navigate the maze of politics, policy and law at state and local levels.

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