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Addressing issues involving the National Environmental Policy Act, the California Environmental Quality Act and other state counterpart laws requires tenacity, significant experience and a comprehensive approach. That’s where we flourish.
Brownstein’s NEPA and CEQA team brings knowledge and experience—from our work on a multitude of matters involving these acts—to guide you through the complex web of environmental compliance. Few can rival our capabilities to assist public and private sector clients on all aspects of NEPA, CEQA and land use matters. Members of our team have held distinguished positions at state and federal agencies as well as dealt with environmental compliance issues while working for Congress or as in-house advisors. Because we are no strangers to advocacy before state and federal agencies as well as all levels of litigation from administrative boards to appellate proceedings, we have a proven track record of success. Whether handling challenges to federal public land and water management decisions under NEPA or defending state-issued drilling permits, we achieve optimal outcomes for our clients. 

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