Cannabis & Industrial Hemp
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Cannabis & Industrial Hemp

Helping grow the industry from the ground-up

Since recreational cannabis was first legalized in 2012, the industry has exploded. Brownstein was there from day one in Colorado—and every step of the way after. Working across the cannabis and industrial hemp space, we’re uniquely positioned to serve the diverse array of players—from agricultural interests to manufacturers to product developers to retailers and industry groups—as they navigate the challenges faced by a once controversial industry as it becomes mainstream.

We don’t just have our finger on the pulse of the cannabis and industrial hemp markets—we’re helping to shape them, too. Our team is on the front lines of regulation, working to influence policy at the local, state and federal levels. Our strong understanding of natural resources, real estate, land use and water law enables us to support cultivators, while our long-standing history in the industry itself helps us guide the commercial endeavors of new entrants and those taking their business to the next level. With an extensive network spanning Nevada to New York and California to Colorado, we’re ready to meet clients exactly where they are—with the precise knowledge they need.

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