Condominium & Planned Community
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Condominium & Planned Community

Legal strategies for condominium developers

Today’s condominium market faces many challenges—from changing construction defect laws to complex common interest ownership acts. Brownstein’s team uses extensive experience and knowledge to guide you through this multifaceted and fluctuating real estate product.

Brownstein’s cross-functional team of real estate attorneys, litigators and policy professionals provide the comprehensive counsel condominium and planned community developers need to navigate this asset class. Our legal team handle due diligence, negotiations of construction contracts, financing and any pre- or post- closing disputes that might arise. In tandem with our legal counsel, our policy professionals are at the forefront of the ever changing regulatory environment related to construction defects law and affordable housing. This allows our team to create the most effective and efficient legal and policy strategies to advocate on your behalf, while also proactively mitigating potential issues before they become full-blown problems.

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