Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

Educating clients on artificial intelligence implications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting new frontier becoming more readily accessible to the public. As governments grapple with the right approach to regulating AI, legal and privacy risks are already present. Brownstein brings together our government relations and legal expertise to advise clients on the rapid commercialization and development of generative-AI platforms. 

As companies integrate AI into their business processes, it is critical to understand not only AI’s potential but the potential risks. Our team advises on the emerging patchwork of laws that impact companies’ use of AI, the push for a federal framework and concerns related to discrimination and other employment issues, as well as privacy considerations and intellectual property issues. AI brings legal challenges and an evolving regulatory landscape to every industry, impacting not only those entities developing products, but also companies using these new technologies. Brownstein’s unique position at the nexus of law, policy and business allows us to provide clients cutting-edge advice on the challenges AI presents now and will continue to present going forward. 


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