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The reach of the Senate Banking and the House Financial Services committees extends to almost every aspect of business today. Leading companies turn to Brownstein’s Financial Services Group, a Capitol Hill-savvy team of attorneys and policy advisors, to represent their interests before these two bodies.

Our group has experience managing all types of financial issues in Congress for diverse businesses around the globe, whether it’s matters related to private equity, hedge funds, broader commercial banking interests, insurance, CFIUS filings, transactional transparency, regulation, wire remittance, gaming or even the technologies used by the industry to safe guard its systems.

In addition to representing financial services clients before Congress, we have lobbied the Executive Branch and relevant financial services regulatory agencies. We also have helped clients establish related trade associations and assisted them with developing materials for media campaigns. We collaborate with the firm’s corporate attorneys to provide counsel and advice on mergers and  acquisitions and other business combinations, institutional investment, securitization and other lending transactions, as well as general government enforcement matters. Members of both our Financial Services and Litigation groups also assist clients that are subject to Congressional investigation.

Our work also involves helping financial services companies execute regulatory and legislative strategies in both Washington, DC, and at the state and local levels—including representing leaders such as the Apollo Management, Western Union and Genworth Financial.

Representative Matters
  • Lobbied Congress and the White House to defeat a proposed rule from the Department of Labor, which would impose significant changes to our client's business model. We built significant policymaker opposition and the White House removed the rule from consideration.

  • Successfully lobbied the Securities and Exchange Commission to carve out and improve money market rules proposed by the Chair of the SEC, and supported by the Administration.

  • Successfully lobbied the NY Governors Office and state legislature to defeat a proposed budget measure that called for the revocation of a foreign tax credit treaty exemption. The measure would have raised billions by imposing a double tax on global companies paying taxation abroad with countries under an existing treaty.

  • Served as underwriter's counsel in the issuance of Albuquerque Municipal School District No. 12, Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico, general obligation bonds in the amount of $8,940,000.

  • Helped garner an exception for "Qualified Mortgages" (i.e., 30 year fixed with 20% down payment, or those with mortgage insurance) from the risk retention provision of the Dodd-Frank bill.

  • Brownstein successfully lobbied the State Department and White House Jobs Council to fix its visa processing backlog that was costing the government a significant loss of tourism income. Unable to secure tourist visas in a reasonable timeframe, many international travelers were forced to cancel vacations to the U.S. Brownstein approached and convinced the Administration that these small proposals would provide a big boost to the national economy. The State Department soon adopted and implemented an expedited processing service.

  • Brownstein, along with a coalition of businesses, successfully convinced Congress to pass legislation granting a five-year carryback for net operating losses. This provision helped Fortune 50 companies to redirect billions of dollars for investment and job creation.

  • Secured an exclusion from the newly created Durbin interchange provision for general use prepaid cards in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Bill.

  • Helped pass cancellation of indebtedness income legislation in the 2010 stimulus bill.

  • Brownstein worked closely with industry leaders, House Committee on Ways and Means members, Senate Finance Committee members and the Joint Committee on Taxation to solve existing barriers to foreign capital by successfully passing an amendment to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA).

  • Lobbied Congress to include and reauthorize a "pro-investment provision" that allows businesses to deduct 100% of their equipment expenses to help stimulate the economy and job growth in 2008 and 2010.

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