Brownstein Forms Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry Group
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Brownstein Forms Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry Group

August 07, 2019

As cannabis and industrial hemp continue to gain mainstream market share, Brownstein is pleased to announce the formation of its Cannabis and Industrial Hemp industry group. Many of Brownstein’s team of nationally recognized practitioners have worked with clients on cannabis and industrial hemp-related issues for more than a decade. The team delivers comprehensive solutions for the full spectrum of clients in the space, both those directly touching the plant and those tangential to the industry or impacted by it.

The group will be co-chaired by Melissa Kuipers Blake, a shareholder in the firm’s Government Relations Department, and Amy Steinfeld, a shareholder in the Natural Resources Department.

“Our team is at the forefront of cannabis and hemp policy in state legislatures across the country and in Washington, D.C.,” said Kuipers Blake. “We help shape the legislative policies and regulatory framework for these industries from the ground up.”

“We possess decades of unmatched experience on the front lines of land use, real estate and water law representing agricultural interests in top cultivation and retail markets including Southern California, the Central Coast, the Central Valley, Colorado and Nevada,” added Steinfeld.

Brownstein’s multidisciplinary approach encompasses corporate and regulatory law; local, state and federal government relations; natural resources; land use; real estate; litigation; employment; and intellectual property. Its reach includes connections across all segments of the cannabis, industrial hemp and CBD industries. The team understands the urgency businesses and investors face at all stages: from site acquisition and due diligence, to business formation, banking and protecting one’s competitive advantage, to state and local regulatory compliance and approval, to bringing product to market.

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